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  • Our company employs people who know a lot about the business, because they have long experience in the field of processing and logistics of frozen foods. We have been doing this for over 15 years.

    In the markets of Europe and the Middle East, our company has been working recently, since 2014. Today it is a priority area of activity. Due to the special attention that we pay to this area, our company has gained credibility and respect of loyal customers.

    We do our best to maintain the high quality of our products. In this regard we purchase in the best Ukrainian farms, special varieties of fruits and vegetables for processing. In the past year, to ensure the stability of supply, our company began to grow some vegetables independently.

  • Our clients are the largest manufacturing companies, leaders in the European and Middle East markets. Harvest Trade production is used as component in mixed frozen and semi-finished products. It is also used in the restaurant business and fast-food chains.
  • Understanding that our product gets on the table to the end consumer, the quality always remains under a magnifying glass. The measure of our success is our customer achievement. Therefore, we care not only about the quality of our products; we take care of the end product for our customers. To do this, we use a simple formula: quality equipment - quality work - quality product.
  • In our small company every customer is on account. We can give attention as much as he does not get in larger companies. It also plays to our advantage with the rapid making of out-of-the-box solutions and solving nontrivial tasks. Games in bureaucracy are unacceptable to us. We are always ready to take into account all the features of our customers and to fulfill individual orders. Flexibility, responsiveness and attention - it is our credo in work with clients.
  • Harvest Trade presents a fairly narrow range of products. It is directly linked to our desire to provide our customers with the highest quality product in all variations and for the most competitive price. In this position we are consistent: from growing to processing and packaging to the client's needs.

    Easy and with a smile, we help our customers to feed people healthy and delicious food. We are in love with the work, so make it unbeatable.